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Clara Fields, Raheen, Clara, Co. Offaly, Ireland.
Phone : +353 (0)57 9330151
Fax: +353 (0)57 9330150

Clara Fields Services

Suppliers of Dulce de LecheAt Clara Fields we understand our ingredients and our process like nobody else. That knowledge and experience combined with our total commitment to quality allow us to produce the very finest Dulce de Leche.

That knowledge, experience and commitment also give us the confidence and flexibility to work with our customers to meet evolving or specific needs.

Producers of the finest Dulce de LecheIntroducing a new or different ingredient to a production process always poses challenges. Having a knowledgeable and flexible producer relatively close at hand can be a major asset. We can provide support to customers developing new products by delivering small quantities for trial and at short notice.

Our proximity means we can quickly and effectively respond to urgent customer needs, allowing our customers in turn to respond to a demanding market. Many of our customers throughout the UK take twice weekly deliveries removing the constraints of long term ordering, long shipping times and having funds tied up.Dulce de Leche for the food industry

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