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Clara Fields Products

Dulce de Leche

At Clara Fields we work to a traditional recipe from Argentina using whole milk, sugar, glucose and suitable flavouring. This produces a caramel like sauce. While we produce a range of standard products around this recipe, we also work with our customers to develop product that meets their specific ingredient, flavour or workability requirements. Some of our customers have their own very specific recipes with which we work.

Depending on the application, Dulce de Leche can be produced to varying densities to facilitate injection or other workability requirements. The product is freeze-thaw stable and bake stable.

Among our standard products are Dulce de Leche 71 and Dulce de Leche 72. The 71 is a more fluid product suitable for ripple in ice cream and injection into confectionery and muffins. The 72 is a slightly stiffer product suitable for bakery and patisserie.

We can produce all of our products in many different flavours including for example; banana, Baileys, chocolate and butterscotch.

Salted Caramel

Clara Fields are delighted to offer our customers our high quality salted caramel. This delicious caramel, produced with the best natural ingredients, is ideal as a filling in cakes, tarts, ice cream, frozen and chilled desserts. Available in 1% or 2% strength, we have a salted caramel to suit all your needs.

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